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We welcome an enormous variety of people to TREEART, but there are a few generalities we often see. Often, our students are people who have always loved art, but have never had time to pursue it. Whatever their catalyst (maybe retirement, kids leaving home, finishing their own studies, or just needing a challenge), they have reached the point of reaching out to grab something that’s finally all about what they want to do!

 Of course that’s okay! No-one is born knowing how to draw, and unfortunately, many people have endured bad experiences where a teacher has told them that they’ll never be able to draw. That’s rubbish! The idea of a natural talent is a bit silly- drawing and painting are skills that can be learned like any other.

We pride ourselves on employing tutors at the top of their profession, who not only understand the needs of the beginner, but are capable of extending experienced artists with new techniques and methods. No matter what your current level, we can help you on your journey into making art.

Easels, tables, drawing boards. A fully stocked selection of all the tools and brushes you may never have used before, to trial. We sell paints and mediums to our onsite students only. Tea and coffee facilities are supplied and the Classroom is air conditioned as required.

We Inspire
Your Child’s Inner Picasso

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Orchard, Kovan, Farrer Park, Sengkang Jurong East, Lorong Chuang, Sentosa Tampines, Paya Lebar, Punggol, East Coast. View More

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Weekdays: 12pm – 10pm

Weekends: 8am – 10pm

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